Rapid rhyme #22

Easter Sunday, boiler’s broke

phone the gas, they send a bloke

social distance makes it hard

shout to him across the yard


Cat goes crazy, races round

scratches bloke then goes to ground

launches right across his head

goodness me I think he’s dead


Thank the Lord he’s coming round

the cat once more has gone to ground

the boiler well and truly broken

the bloke at least has now awoken!


No cats, or blokes, were hurt in the writing of this poem! The boiler, however, is crying – all over the once dry bedding and towels. Happy Easter everyone.

19 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #22

  1. Happy Easter Peter.

    An Easter Poem

    The little Easter Bunny with their chocolate ears
    No resurrection will assuage their fears
    Before this Easter day is past
    Some Christian sod
    Will scoff their ears and bite their arse

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    1. I have a policy which gives me an annual service and free repairs. The response today was tremendous. He didn’t have the part required but phoned other nearby engineers and drove over to get it. All fixed by 2pm and I couldn’t even offer him a cup of tea or coffee because of lockdown procedures. Well done British Gas, but more to the point, well done unknown young man who was working on Easter Sunday, in very difficult circumstances, to house, feed, clothe, and educate his family. Thank goodness for the really important people.

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      1. Thank goodness some young people know that this kind of work is valuable.. Here they are having to convince kids that the trades have better prospects than many college degree programs.

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  2. You nearly had fresh meat at last – send the cat in again!
    Hope you boiler gets fixed soon. I have wondered what will happen in case of a household-related failure.


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