Cat astrophic omission

After reading all the terrible reviews of the Cats (2019) film, Daisy, my British Shorthair princess, would like it to be known that, although she auditioned for one of the leading roles, she was rejected for being too beautiful!


She thinks she’ll have to ponder a little and, of course, the best way to do that is to snooze.

2015-04-17 10.40.09.jpeg

22 thoughts on “Cat astrophic omission

  1. She’s lovely. And I would rather watch her for 2 hours than that film (I didn’t like the musical either… it’s at the bottom of my extensive musical theater list). 🙂

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      1. The breeders called her Patience because they had been trying to breed a Cream kitten for a few years and Daisy was their first. They were a little annoyed that we did not want to breed or show her!

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  2. I hated the play,perhaps because I actually enjoyed Eliot’s poetry. You would have to pay me to go see the film. Dying to know why people found an over the top production about nothing wonderful.

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  3. She’s a regal beauty indeed! We had a cat with the same colour, but she wasn’t quite as beautifil because she scratched around her face a lot. A few of her whiskers were permanently broken off from the scratching. She was so affectionate, and was scared of other cats (but not dogs!).

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