Lundi limerick #62

Limericks are normally light hearted, mildly humorous, often tongue in cheek, and slightly risqué. This one is not any of those. For whatever reason, this came to mind and it makes me rather sad. I shall not analyse, or explain, any more than that!


Jenny from Jarrow was sad

she’d argued with Mum and with Dad

She’d never felt right

and had told them in fright

that she desperately felt like a lad

10 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #62

  1. How simple it appears to the onlooker, Jenny is the victim and her parents are in the wrong.

    Gender change or coming out as Gay, it hardly matters which. Mum and Dad are in shock and denial, and probably told Jenny that this was just a phase. They hope and pray it is, because anything other would feel like a bereavement.

    Their hopes and dreams are shattered, but their love remains the same. They still have their child but their daughter is gone. Eventually, they will tearfully accept and give their unconditional love and support.

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