Rapid rhyme #18

My cousin Kevin worked at Kew

he kept the kale well clipped

He couldn’t cut too closely though

in case his clippers slipped

He used a cutlass on the grass

as sharp as sharp could be

A fact that he regretted much

as he sliced through his knee

Regardless, Kevin hopped around

but fell and banged his head

He rolled across the grass and then

he rolled into the bed

Alas poor Kevin is no more

succumbed to cuts too many

And if you want another verse

Well tough, there are not any!

14 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #18

  1. HA!!! 🙂 Oh, cut it out! This is too funny! 😀
    Kevin was NOT cut out for kale or grass clipping. Okay, I’ll cut to the chase…I really should cut him some slack, but I think he should’ve cut his losses early on and found a job to do that didn’t involve clippers! 😉 😛
    HUGS to Kevin and HUGS to you, Peter! 🙂


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