The Knife Angel

We have been experiencing increasing knife crime in the UK, with the majority of cases affecting our young men and boys. Deaths are increasing and there are few towns that have not experienced death or serious injuries. The police have regular knife amnesties, and seize weapons when they find them.

As part of the campaign to draw attention to this useless waste of life and the seriousness of carrying knives, a huge sculpture, made of blades of all shapes and sizes that have been handed in, or seized, has been created. It is called The Knife Angel.

You can read about the Knife Angel here or see the inspiration behind it, its creation, and its current location in Derby in the videos below.

Incidentally, the little map of Derby, shown in the link above, shows MHA “Methodist Homes for the Aged” , where I worked for 17 years prior to retirement.



16 thoughts on “The Knife Angel

      1. As an ex policeman he also used to say that the police were too soft, you don’t take em in, they need a good a good clip around the ear and marching back home to their dads.
        That wouldn’t work either these days. The lunatics have taken over the asylum!

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  2. My goodness. Such sweetness….I’m so sorry it is born from such odd violence. God knows we have more than our share of it here in the states….but what amazing Grace this art has. You’ve touched my heart deeply. Man. There is crazy deep sweetness in blogland today. Love of a profound sort is in the air. Thank You, Peter. Cheers!!! 🤗❤️😊

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    1. They provide small luggage labels for people to write their personal messages on, and attach to the barrier round the statue. I saw some really quite moving ones. It is never just a single person that gets hurt by knife crime (or any crime)!


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