19 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #15 – The end?

  1. I think you’ve summed up world troubles, perfectly Peter!! It made me think of this old track by one of my favourite Brummie groups, City Boy, from way back when. They only had one top ten hit, 5-7-0-5, but this one would definitely end with a whiffy world! I give you, “The Day The Earth Caught Fire” Interestingly, the band was one of the first, produced by Robert John “Mutt” Lange, who went on to produce some of the biggest music acts in recent years.

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      1. Me too, Peter..it doesn’t bear thinking about! I’m glad you enjoyed the song, they were a really good band, but started hitting the headlines at the wrong time, just as punk was rearing it’s head, which sort of swallowed them up, here. They did a lot better in the US. I still love their music & clever lyrics.

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    1. And now mine too!
      How absolutely delightful. I want to be able to emulate that if the time ever comes!
      A very large glass of whisky, a fire in the hearth, and the love of my life next to me.
      Thank you Colleen.


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