Lundi limerick #52


Aardvarks have very poor sight

and eat many termites each night

50,000 they say

then they sleep through the day

after washing them down with a Sprite.


(they don’t really drink Sprite, but the 50,000 is accurate!)

Well, I’ve gone from A to Z and back again with animal, birds, and insect limericks. What to do next week? Answers please on the back of a £50 note!

13 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #52

  1. WoW! That’s a lot of termites..rather them than me, is all I can say! Congratulations on your 52 weeks of animal about using the states of America next? I know there’s only 50, but I’m sure you could repeat a couple at the end. Just a thought..good luck with your next challenge, Peter! 😁


  2. Never mind America, what’s wrong with this country, English villages would be a good start, alternatively, you could try naming some of the Aardvark’s diet!

    My apologies for not completing the challenge, I don’t have a £50 Note!

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