Twittering Tales #143 – 2 July 2019

It’s time again, for Kat Myrman’s wonderful challenge, to write a story, inspired by her picture prompt, in 280 characters or fewer.

Here is this week’s prompt and my contribution.

Check out all the fabulously creative entries here and, if you’ve never had a go, why not try a story of your own? You may surprise yourself!

car-repair-362150_1280.jpgPhoto by Ryan McGuire at

Simon forced his eyelids apart, licked his dry lips, and looked down, with a sigh, at his wallet, now devoid of cash!

The last thing he remembered was staggering out of the club.

He looked up, and could see, immediately, that he and the Beetle had an identical problem.

Piston broke!

(280 characters)

If you have to explain a joke, it ceases to be a joke, but I’ll risk that.

In British English:

“Pissed” does not mean “very annoyed”, but it does mean “drunk”.

“Broke” means “having completely run out of money”.

There, one joke ruined, just like the piston!


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