Lundi limerick #40

Marmaduke shares our small house

he, in turn, shares his bed with a louse

My wife’s not amused

and claims she’s abused

‘cause Marmaduke is my pet mouse

22 thoughts on “Lundi limerick #40

  1. Awww, I’m sure I saw Marmaduke in our garden, pinching the birdseed, the other day. Today, our lovely grandchildren made a pet of a woodlouse they found..& called it Bob! They claimed a big spider ate it, but I’m not sure if it just escaped in the I’m a bit worried about what is in our bed!! Eeeeek!

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  2. Perhaps You can trade for a rat…
    He’s bigger: She’d know where he’s at!
    Your wife then could see
    when he’s on a spree.
    For Valentine’s buy her a cat!!! 😄

    Cheers and thanks for gifting my first laugh of the day!!!

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