Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 07/04/2019 – Burn/Fire/Flame


Thank you to Jim Adams, who hosts Song Lyric Sunday, and gives us the chance to share lots of favourite, and some not so familiar, songs.

The theme for this week is Burn/Fire/Flame.

If you fancy sharing one of your favourite songs you can find out how to participate, and also listen to all the great entries, here.

One of the first things I like to check, when choosing what music to share with you lovely people, is what music I have on my MacBook that will fit the theme.

Sure enough, I came up with a couple of choices and decided to go for something completely different, a Gregorian Chant from an album that I’m sure everyone has at home!!!! The album is “Gregorian Chants – Greatest Hits”. Yes, it really does exist.

I chose to offer you “The Mystic Flame” by Simon Cooper, which is a modern version of a Gregorian Chant, first released in 1998 on his album “Hymns of the Ancient Fire.’

That was the easy bit. The next bit I failed completely. I have no idea what the lyrics are and, really, I don’t think it matters, it just goes to show that good music is good music whether there are words or not, although it does rather fail as far as SLS goes.

However, it is as it is. I hope you enjoy the music. I find it relaxing and very pleasant. Simon Cooper is quite prolific in his writing and even writes music for babies in the womb. The chant doesn’t start until about the 2.40 mark!

Just in case you cannot access this I’m adding another version below.

Because Fire and Flame Burns brightly, and to make your day even brighter, I’m adding the song Bright, by Echosmith which I came across on J-Dubs Grin and Bear it site on her entry for atozchallenge. Thanks to JilyWily. I love this!





18 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 07/04/2019 – Burn/Fire/Flame

  1. Actually I don’t have any of the Gregorian Chant albums, but I do feel kind of purified after listing to this song. Echosmith is probably more my style and I love that line, “Make a girl go woo”.

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  2. Oh my friend, you have made my day. The Mystic Flame is soothing and I need that today as I prepare for another week at the grind. Ugh! I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow but I guess I have to. I am glad you liked Bright. We all need more Brightness in our lives. Wishing you a fantastic Sunday.

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  3. Well, I must admit it’s not the usual sort of music I’d choose, but was very pleasantly surprised! Actually, it’s more up my husband, Trev’s street..he definitely has some CD’s of Gregorian Chanting. It reminds me of the type of music that would be in a film like Avatar. Thank you for the enlightenment, Peter!

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