Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 02/12/2018 – last

img_1345-3Helen has been less than 100% for a while, but she still manages to keep us on our toes trying to come up with songs that fit her weekly theme. Well done Helen, and I hope that the bugs disappear in plenty of time for you to have a great Christmas.

SLS this week gives us a theme of “last”. You can see, and hear, all of the great offerings here.

I’ve chosen something completely different this week, based on the fact that I lived in Germany for many years, off and on, during the period 1969 to 1989.

The Germans love to party, and you could not escape the music of James Last. He was immensely popular for many years, and not just in Germany. How he managed to afford the salary bill for all his musicians I have no idea, but he was a consummate entertainer as you will see. His orchestra, and guests, all seemed to have a fantastic time too!

Lyrics have very little to do with my offerings this week, and I’m not even including them, but I have included something other than purely orchestral.

Just look at those clothes! I bet some of you dressed just like that! I once had a jacket with lapels that wide!

You can see James Last in the background – he’s not doing a lot of conducting, and why did everyone click their fingers in time (or not) with the music?

For a contrast, I’m adding in “The Orange Blossom Special”

If you were in Germany at the time, someone would come along and urge you to join in, so do feel free to get up and dance, sing, clap, and generally have a good time!

Both of these are untypical of James Last in general. Most of what he produced was easy listening, popular music. He produced copious quantities of LP’s, and I bought several!

I do hope you enjoy this small example of my past life.

15 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 02/12/2018 – last

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed both videos. Clicking fingers, nerves perhaps?
    The second video had me almost getting out of bed and doing a jig, but seeing as it’s not yet 07:00 AM, the dancing licence hasn’t kicked in yet! 😀

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  2. I loved both of these Videos, Peter! I remember the song Mamy Blue well but wouldn’t have known it was one of James Last’s. The Orange Blossom Special is such a lively piece and great for dancing to (after a fashion!) We’d been married a year in 1971 and there seemed to be such a variety of music – and clothing styles – around at the time, including bell bottom trousers and wide lapels!
    A great post in response to the word ‘Last’.

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