Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 21/10/2018

img_1345-3I do so love Helen’s Song Lyric Sunday, and it is especially welcome, and appreciated, when she manages to keep it going when she is feeling less than 100%. Hope you are soon feeling well again Helen.

The theme this week is “lost”.

That immediately made me think of The Moody Blues “In Search of the Lost Chord” , an album which is 50 years old this year. I can hardly believe that! If you’ve never heard any of the songs on that album, I think you may enjoy the experience. Try Om or Legend of a Mind. The whole album is, for me, a masterpiece and, I suppose, almost gave those there at the time a minuscule hint of the effects of LSD without actually taking any risks!

Anyway, those are a bonus as you’re not getting the Moody Blues this week. Instead, I’m going for Pink Floyd’s “Lost for Words”. You won’t be, because the lyrics are on the video.

Sit back, and enjoy.

This song is widely believed to be the band’s (and particularly David Gilmour’s) final parting shot at former frontman Roger Waters, who left the band in 1985 after a falling-out with Gilmour. In particular, the song’s final verse was purportedly a response to Waters’ brusque rejection of his invitation by Gilmour to rejoin Pink Floyd for what Gilmour (correctly) expected would be their final studio album together: “So I open my door to my enemies and I ask, could we wipe the slate clean? But they tell me to please go f–k myself. You know, you just can’t win.”

In the Division Bell CD liner notes, this song’s lyrics are placed next to a picture of a pair of boxing gloves, and the song’s interlude features a boxing announcer declaring a “Winner… by a knockout.” Some fans have interpreted these as referring to the ongoing commercial success of post-Waters Pink Floyd, as opposed to Waters’ own fading into near-obscurity as a solo artist.

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