Rapid rhyme #4

Today is National Poetry Day in the UK. That means if you’re not British you can’t read this. Well, that seems to be what a lot of Brexiteers would like to believe! Go on, be a devil, read it anyway!


Some poems rhyme, and some do not

and some are just bizarre

Some have an even tempo

and others are just sort of different and ramble on, and maybe have the odd rhyme or rhythm, and you may have to shout the words for effect, or look sinister!

Whatever bro!

13 thoughts on “Rapid rhyme #4

  1. It was National Taco Day in the US
    I know because I read it on Word-press

    Now that is bizarre but some things are

    I wish Brexit here would disappear
    Someone’s always bending my ear

    It’s giving me an aching head
    I think I need to go back to bed

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