Twittering Tales #102 – Broken Barbies – 18 September 2018

It’s time again for Kat Myrman’s wonderful challenge to tax our creative souls. Just take her photo prompt and write a story, inspired by it, in 280 characters or fewer.

barbie-dolls-blond-broken-1376771Photo by Skitterphotos at

Here is this week’s prompt and my contribution. Check out all the fabulous entries here.

Firstly Kat wrote her story:

Smart Girls

“This is exactly how I found them Doctor. I don’t know what to think! Should I be worried that my sweet daughter has mangled her Barbie dolls?”
“Have you asked her?”
“I did. She told me she hated Barbie. Who hates Barbie?”
“Smart little girls, Mrs. Jones. I hope you’re listening.”


(278 Characters)

Smart Girls Part 2

I was not convinced by the doctor’s comments, so I asked for a second opinion.  A lovely lady offered her services pro bono.

“Don’t worry Mrs Jones,” she said. “Have you checked the liquor cabinet? I think all young girls lose their heads some times. She just got a little legless!”

(277 characters)

15 thoughts on “Twittering Tales #102 – Broken Barbies – 18 September 2018

      1. Legless is unknown, now that’s one I would have thought worked on both sides.
        I would never have imagined that there are so many differences in our language. Many times I have to ask the meaning of words and phrases that Gerry uses and he often hasn’t a clue what I’m talking about, though neither have my family most of the time!

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