Twittering Tales #100 – 4 September 2018

Come one, come all.

Join in with the 100th Twittering Tale challenge!

Kat Myrman’s wonderful challenge to tax our creative souls is an extra special one this week.  We have to try to revert to the original 140 characters, instead of the now normal 280 characters, or fewer, to write a story based on the photo prompt. I wasn’t in at the very beginning. I think it was TT#14 before I discovered the joys of Twittering (you can see I don’t tweet in real life!) but it is now a must for me each week.


Photo by Lauris at

Here is this week’s prompt and my contribution which, instead of a tale, is a limerick to celebrate Kat’s birthday (at least I think that is what the picture is all about!). Check out all the fabulous entries here.

Kat is 100 it seems,
but younger by far in her dreams.
She’s really much brighter,
a hell of a writer,
and the smile on her face it just gleams!

(140 characters)


19 thoughts on “Twittering Tales #100 – 4 September 2018

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