Twittering Tale #76 – The Secret Garden – 7 August 2018

It’s time again for Kat Myrman’s wonderful challenge to tax our creative souls. Just take her photo prompt and write a story, inspired by it, in 280 characters or fewer.


Photo by Kat Myrman 2018

Here is this week’s prompt and my contribution. Check out all the fabulous entries here.

They sat looking at each other across the dusty table, saying nothing. The dried remains of their meal had been pecked over by crows and nibbled by squirrels and field mice. It was no longer identifiable. Nor were the hazy outlines of the lovers, shimmering forlornly in the dusk!

(280 characters)

19 thoughts on “Twittering Tale #76 – The Secret Garden – 7 August 2018

      1. I am convinced that we are not all romantic at heart having known a few dry souls who haven’t an ounce of romance running through their veins. But of poets and writers on the other hand… I have to agree with you. 😊

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  1. The Last Supper! Kat saw your lovers sitting in the mist, whereas I looked for the remains of the little creatures, those unfortunate ones that had helped themselves to the poisoned leftovers!

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