Take a tip from Honey

31949396_1767087253337256_2449846145887764480_nMy niece lives on the Scottish coast, close to Edinburgh. She’s into ultra running, coaches and lectures on women’s health and fitness, and borrows this beautiful hound to accompany her on her runs. She served in the Army Reserve and did a tour in Afghanistan. I thought I would share the view, and her positive thought below.

Honey doesn’t give a shit if you missed your gym workout today, or even if you haven’t been for the last 2 weeks.
She’s waiting for you to make the next move, right now.
The only thing she’s concerned about is what’s happening right now, in this moment.
I think we can all learn something from Honey 😁🐾

24 thoughts on “Take a tip from Honey

      1. anie

        ohhh, thank you…great…yes animals have really a big advantage, they can not overthink, they go on like their nature tell them…..

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      1. nice that you could laugh…I often do not have a glue…so I have to ask…; )…as I also did not your “medication”-story…but do not mind….I do not have to understand everything…: )

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      2. I do apologise Anie. Your question about Honey reminded me of an old joke. I meant no offence. As for the medication, I was referring to hormone replacement therapy. I followed the link and found that Peter’s niece coaches in alternative methods of dealing with the menopause. 🙂

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      3. anie

        hahaha, no problem Sue, your laugh really pleased me. And I have already got used to, that I do not understand many things …. o.k. I would never have come to the topic of menopause anyway …; )

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  1. The subject is kind of a bit late for me, but I have a feeling I would have still gone the medication route. Initially I typed drug and then thought it made me sound like an addict . So I went for the respectable word Medication instead. But I know everyone out there knows exactly what I mean.

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      1. anie

        ohhh, I think we will never be able to achieve it in the sum, to be so calmly and always motivated as a dog. To love unconditionally. To live absolutely in the present. To remain highly focused on the person we love and never leave this person, and to acknowledge all attention with joy. Dogs are unique!

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  2. jdraymaine

    I can’t imagine life without a dog present. They give only the purest love and ask only the same in return. Humans could learn a lot from the canine species.

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