Sunday sayings #34


Life was oh so simple once, I knew its every whim,

but now it seems we need more rules, it’s getting really grim.

What became of common sense, fair play, and honesty?

We seem to have forgotten just how precious life can be!


The youngsters blame the older folk, the oldsters blame the young,

what became of tolerance, we’re all so highly strung?

We seem to analyse each move, and everything we do.

I used to understand my world but now I have no clue!

20 thoughts on “Sunday sayings #34

  1. Ellen

    I would have to say…Join The Crowd! My original disbelief of what is becoming of the world that I thought I knew, is now shattered by the unmistakable truth that is in front of me. I never expected to repeat the words of the previous olders about the “good old days”, and yet…here I am. Your poem speaks so much truth and the beautiful picture with the quote is the perfect accompaniment. Thank-you!

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