13 thoughts on “Panic! It snowed.

    1. Not a disaster, just a temporary inconvenience. Very much depends on where one resides. In rural areas with unsheltered narrow lanes, deep snow drifts can be problematic. Resources are quite rightly allocated to main highways and emergency routes. It wouldn’t make financial sense to increase the snow clearing equipment.
      On the plus side the children love it, well, didn’t we all?

      This is simply our UK winter, short dark days with a mixture of snow, ice and heavy rain and occasional flooding.
      BUT (word used to annoy Peter) Spring is almost here, longer days, sunshine, and probably plenty of rain!

      The funniest scene I ever witnessed in the snow was when we followed my mother-in-law’s hearse down the steep hill to the church. It slid every which way and all we could do was imagine was her in her coffin laughing long and very loud! 🙂

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