Twittering Tale #69 – 30 January 2018

It’s time again for Kat Myrman’s wonderful challenge to tax our creative souls. Just take her photo prompt and write a story, inspired by it, in 280 characters or fewer.40_sidebar_bestsellers_450-2.png

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Here is this week’s prompt and my contribution. Check out all the fabulous entries here.

Gatsby was feeling great!
Jesus was calling round and they were going to visit Dan Brown’s new nightclub, Inferno.
He was leaning towards going for a Wimpy burger first and rounding off the evening seeing Fifty Shades of Grey.
Oh, the places you’ll go to feel Happy, Happy, Happy!

(280 characters)

22 thoughts on “Twittering Tale #69 – 30 January 2018

  1. Clever!

    I miss Wimpy burgers. Mum used to take us to the one in Penzance when I was little as a treat but it closed decades ago and I didn’t even realise they were still going until I checked just now. So thanks for the memory!

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  2. I agree with all above, very clever Peter.
    My memory of Wimpy is that we were given knives and forks, how civilised. Then it all went downhill when I tried out McDonalds and realised I was expected to eat with my fingers!

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      1. Well you certainly know your geography Peter! I think I last went there in 2016 to Homebase to pick up a roll of wallpaper for the son who couldn’t wait to have delivered locally. I might give it a miss this time!

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  3. anie

    Ha, sounds very funny Peter! But even is it is a short post, I´m lost. I do not know the film ” the Great Gatsby”, do not know the author, not the film inferno, never heard of Wimpy burger and I did not even saw fifty Shades of grey…so I can not really feel this Happy,Happy, Happy!

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      1. anie

        oh Peter it maybe just sounds that it´s too late to catch up with all this….everybody makes priorities in his life. I was a kid until 17…I played on the street in nature and had no interests in boys or the typical teenager things….than I just learned what I had to to get a good finish in school and start university….there I also always prefered to make practical things not theory. i became mother and learned all about kids, I had to learn some languages because living in other countries ( but not good) and beside I enjoyed to become better in illustration, cooking and I loved to read books….but at the moment I do not even have time left to read a book or to cook nice things….time runs and well, and i am like I am…with lots of lacks…..and sorry you can not turn a donkey into a racehorse …

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  4. anie

    not more busy as everybody. We were born, we experience the life, we sleep. our brain works all the time..even if we just sit in a forest and look at the trees…brain is busy, we are busy…you just have to decide what you spend your time on….and I just decided not to give away my kids for doing my business, but staying with them until they just leave by themselves. So easily 16 years are gone very fast!

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  5. of course everything and everyone has its time in life. For me there were never great decisions in life. It was more as an instinct do do things, to become a mother, to stay with kids. Of course there are so many things that I would have loved to do. many things I miss and I´m sad, that I had never the time or did not decide…..but we all are not perfect, i have still a little bit time left to do things I missed in life. Kids are gone soon and there will be more time for me.

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