If I should die before I post

If I should die before I post
it means I’m toast.
If you can read this homily
it’s not for me.
If words and phrases fill this page
I’ve ceased to age.
If you can see me still, and hear
I’m very near.
But if I’m neither seen nor heard
just take my word.
I only wished to do my bit
but death is shit!

Well, that was a short birthday!

23 thoughts on “If I should die before I post

  1. I’m glad you’re still here too. But…
    Just thought I’d do the same to you as you did unto me. I’ll apologise now shall l ?

    If Sue should die before she posts this
    It means that something here is amiss
    And if you can read her little speech
    It’s not from her there’s been a breach.
    If verses and lyrics fill this page
    Just like you she’s passed through that phase.
    And if she’s still making her presence felt
    It means she’s not gone far just into the green belt.
    But if you hear her not and see her less
    Just be thankful to get rid of the pest.
    Would St Peter welcome her at the Pearly Gate?
    No… he’d send her back for being late!

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  2. Happy Birthday!!!!! And in the event I no longer exist I have a friend who will be posting posts I’ve been writing for years for just that occasion! 🙂 So you will think I’m still here any way!!! 😉

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      1. Oh Peter, that will certainly be a long time. Your many admirers will keep you young and if you continue to write like this, the fan base will continue to grow …; )

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