Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 7/1/18 – Madness

SLSIt would be madness, when looking at Helen’s theme this week, not to immediately think of the group by that name. So many great releases to listen to!

However, that would be too easy, so I let my mind wander to times past, to long dead masters of their craft, to a group you may not know…………. to Thin Lizzy.

Thin Lizzy was named after a comic book character in The Dandy, “Tin Lizzy”. The h was added because the founder of the group was, from the age of 8, brought up by his grandparents in Dublin, Ireland, and Thin is, in Dublin speak, pronounced Tin.

The founder I refer to is Phil Lynott, a consummate bass player, lyricist, singer, and poet, whose career was sadly short.  He died at the age of 36, having gone the way of so many hard rock musicians, succumbing to alcohol and drug abuse.

This track is off their first album and was recorded in 1971. It is not their best by any means, but it does show Phil’s unique bass playing style. Later on the group moved to a 2 lead guitar format.

I hope you enjoy it!

Old Moon Madness

Thin Lizzy
Late, sometime before midnight
He comes creeping up
And before you get him sussed
He’s gone before dusk
And when you arise
Red ruby rings circle your eyes
If it’s later than you realized
Check with the stars and the skies
Old moon madness has struck again
A howl in the dark light
A flash of teeth bright white
A scream and a bite
Old moon madness has struck again tonight
But there’s no need to worry
For the crimes that you’ve done
Worse has been committed
With no moon madness to blame it on
Old moon madness has struck again
In fact you could say you’re lucky
You and me
Mother Earth has only one moon
And not three
Songwriters: Philip Parris Lynott
Old Moon Madness lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc

16 thoughts on “Song Lyric Sunday Theme for 7/1/18 – Madness

  1. I had tickets to see Thin Lizzy in July of 1976. They were supposed to open for Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow. Phil was sick already and they canceled. I’m sorry that I never got to see them live. (Blackmore and Ronnie James Dio made up for it though)

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      1. When a man you have just been dancing to for two hours like your life depended on it and he also happens to be absolutely gorgeous with the most amazing hair you have ever seen on a guy drawls ‘hey you’re tall and beautiful’ there is no-where to run, believe me 😉

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