Just an Old Soup Bowl

What a good, if very disturbing article, about changing eating habits over the years!

The happy Quitter!

soup dish

It all started out with an old soup dish that I found at a resale shop, it reminded me of the soup bowls we used when I was a child. They were so much smaller than the ones I have in my kitchen cabinet now. Come to think of it, everything was smaller back then and so were we.

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3 thoughts on “Just an Old Soup Bowl

  1. haha, yes everything was small but comfortable! I love single old cups and dishes. It’s so much more comfortable than this modern tableware. And it feels good in a time when everyone think big and loud!
    I got a nice story told today. Why people scream at each other. Because their hearts are too far apart and they do not hear each other. Lovers talk quietly, because the hearts are already together. sometimes only sights are enough! We do not need to be loud and big…small and quiet is more peaceful.

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  2. My mother insists on saucers too. She also has the “good dishes” for celebrations and celebrations ….:) …. I do not often use saucers, because I need my mug later on for working.And everything is a litlle bit mixed up in my cubburd. If I see a cup I like in a market, I’ll take it, even if it does not suit the other things.

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