My Life #22 – My Brain

This was written at the age of about 17, in my “sort of journal”. It probably explains a lot about me, and definitely shows up the early onset of idiocy!

In case some readers do not know what tripe is, you probably don’t want to know, but this is what it looks like:

tripeSeriously, would you eat this?

The harder I try to put my feelings and thoughts into words, the more difficult it becomes.

To write down these words, on paper, is even more difficult, nye impossible. The seeming infinity of the brain’s reasoning functions, and its associated thought patterns, far surpass the ability of man to put these resources to use.

Ever since time began, man’s brain has puzzled even the most brilliant specialists. Looking like a lump of tripe, its intricacy, yet simplicity is still not fully understood and, I think, will remain so until long after I’m dead.

With the brilliant circuits, made up of still more brilliant microscopic electronic components, man has strived to produce an artificial “brain”. However, the powers that made us, obviously did not intend us to know the “elixir of life”, for that’s surely what the brain must be.

Man can artificially produce all components of the body except the brain, and, perhaps, someday he may be granted the knowledge of knowledge. God help us when he is. Just think of the corruption it would bring.

I do not see, however, how such a wonderful collection of matter can possibly understand itself. The mere fact that it is so marvellous makes it unbelievable and, therefore, I think, almost impossible to fathom. I say almost because, in this age, specialists have successfully probed and repaired and, in one case transplanted brain matter.

I could go on for pages and pages but my lump of tripe tells me to stop, and who am I to argue with such wisdom?

19 thoughts on “My Life #22 – My Brain

  1. Tripe definitely wasn’t my fav’ meal, and I’ve never eaten “brains”, maybe I should have, then I might’ve been able to absorb whatever the intellectual thoughts you were trying to convey when you “only 17″…..

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  2. Graham. My late husband used to eat tripe and onions. It resembled a lump of white fish. His father had a butchery business and I could never understand why, with all the fine cuts of meat at his disposal he chose to eat tripe!

    I do understand the under workings of the brain though. Mine frequently works below par, almost as though it is saving the battery power, for what exactly I’m unsure.

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  3. It’s the smell of tripe as well as it’s appearance that puts me off …. and living close to Lyon as I do, I’m afraid I simply can’t get on with the disgusting andouillette (or as I prefer to refer to it ‘The sausage of death’) that they make from bits of intestines and innards. And brains …. I can’t bring myself to eat an animals thoughts. But I did enjoy yours!

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  4. Ah, teenagers! And the deep thoughts of youth.

    And as for tripe: my mother used to cook it in a white sauce with onions. My father liked it, but we kids refused to touch it. Cut up and stewed, it looked like pieces of old facecloth.

    On the other hand, if you’re going to kill an animal for food, it seems only right to eat as much of it as is edible…

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  5. Lambs brains, boiled and minced were considered nourishing food for babies.

    I remember my mother preparing them for my little brothers (no canned baby food back then) while I watched with fascination because I knew my brain would look pretty much the same. But I never sampled them.

    And remember that a good housewife was supposed to be able to prepare every part of a pig except the squeal for consumption?

    We’ve grown soft, my friend.

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