Happily normal

I’m normally normal

but sometimes I’m formal

and often I’m really quite weird

I thought I was strange

and perhaps ought to change

but I’m happy I’m not as I feared!


This was inspired by Colleen’s post that can be found here.

Do visit her blog and read some of her other insights into life. You will not be disappointed.


7 thoughts on “Happily normal

  1. I haven’t responded to my comments yet Peter, but I’ve read them in email. I have OFTEN used one of my responses as a post. And I was going to tell you to do that with this one!!!! YOu beat me to it. I love this. And I suspect it is very perfectly Peter!!!

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    1. Thank you Colleen. It was one of those responses that almost wrote itself and, yes, it probably is perfectly me.
      I think we are both, now, perfectly happy in our own skins, even though it may have taken us a while to get there!


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