My Life #18 – Some things I’ve done that you probably haven’t.

I had this random thought that I have done a few things in my life that the average person will never experience.  I thought I would write a post entitled:

“Ten things I’ve done that you probably haven’t.” It developed a little like this:

Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Nineteen Twenty things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

I arranged them in reverse alphabetical order, just for the sake of it! Then I thought of an added one, or four. So, here we have:

Some things I’ve done that you probably haven’t

  1. Travelled down the Rhine on a Duck
  2. Transferred between Royal Naval ships at sea by Jackstay
  3. Transferred between Royal Naval ships at sea by helicopter
  4. Spent time in a prison cell
  5. Sat in a Harrier Jump Jet
  6. Rowed in a coxed 4 at sea
  7. Regularly travelled to work by helicopter
  8. Qualified as a helicopter handling marshall
  9. Played bugle and drums in a Cadet Force band
  10. Helped to spy on Russian spies
  11. Helped to open a Playboy Club, with no women, in Bahrain
  12. Handled, and repaired Enigma machines
  13. Gassed hundreds of people, some several times
  14. Fallen out of the top of an oak tree
  15. Driven a tank
  16. Crawled under the Queen’s bed
  17. Crash landed a glider
  18. Been underwater in a submarine
  19. Been inside a radome
  20. Been in the impact area of High explosive shells
  21. Been an unpaid tourist guide
  22. Been totally alone on an island
  23. Been a sound engineer for The Gibraltar Song Festival
  24. Been a cave guide

All of these were achieved before the age of 40 but, if you have a large outstanding bucket list, do not despair, it is never too late!

I must admit that there is an amount of poetic licence involved, but where that is will only be revealed as I expand on each tale.

No state secrets will be revealed during the making of these blogs.

You may be waiting a while!

59 thoughts on “My Life #18 – Some things I’ve done that you probably haven’t.

  1. Fantastic list Peter. 1-5 you’ve got me. 6. I rowed in coxed 4’s, in a billabong of the Murray River at the Rutherglen Rowing regatta, 7-12 you’ve got me, 13. Haha accidentally gassed 6 of my work mates, as a plumber, turned on the gas but forgot to cap off one my connections… 14. I’ve fallen out of a pepper-corn tree. 15, they used to call my old Bedford work-truck an old “Tank”, And you’ve definitely got me on the rest. Your list was so very interesting Peter, especially being under the Queen’s bed…

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  2. Why do I get the feeling that if you tell us your stories, you will have to kill us?! haha! This is a great idea for a challenge – I’m now trying to think if I’ve done anything that others haven’t…

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  3. This is amazing! I can’t wait to hear the expanded tales. You’ve obviously had some interesting adventures! Can’t wait to hear why you were under the Queen’s bed!

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  5. Pretty cool list. Sounds like you’ve been leading quite an interesting life. I’m sure if you could tell us all about it, we’d be surprised at least.
    I’m curious about the Duck. Was it one of those duck boats? Or that giant yellow rubber duckie they’ve been sending around the world?

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  6. What a fantastic life you have had the wonderful opportunity to experience. I can say for sure I have done none of those, but 1 – #15 I fell out a huge maple tree when I was very young and #18, , but man they sent my imagination in motion, out all of those the one that stood out to me was, you being under the bed of a queen…LOL I am thinking a book of wonderful short stories is in your future, at least I hope it is…LOL thank you for sharing….Kathy

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  10. OK. WOWOWOWOW!!! My mind is officially blown all over the place! All before the age of 40?!! I’m completely gobsmacked! What a life You’re leading! I vote YES, please!!! Make this a regular entry! I’d love to know more. Perhaps it doesn’t have to replace the Limericks? Maybe they could dance in and out of the spot…but YAY and more please!!! 😃💕😊

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  11. Great list, but some of them I don’t have an interest in doing. However, I’m going to search your site for stories that explain how these events happened. I hope you have some. Whatever, you’ve lived an adventure, and that’s cool.

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  13. Hmm. Haven’t done much that most people haven’t. Did have dinner with the Three Stooges and just our family. Also had a sister-in-law that was a human cannon ball. Shook a general’s hand with baby poo on mine. Helped three elephants find a place to spend several nights. Sat behind Maria von Trapp in the University of Notre Dame’s football stadium during a Catholic Charismatic Mass there. Met Edward G. Robinson. Have a son who teaches at an Orphanage in Cambodia for children born HIV Positive. Played Murder in the Dark at a Country house with a future ambassador to France and his wife (and others). Rode a metal luge down a small mountain near Salzburg. When I was about seventeen our home was bombed because my father wrote an editorial supporting a black candidate for the school board while the schools were still segregated. Heated with a wood burning stove for several years in a house with glass walls and cathedral ceilings and one year had no electricity, water, or heat for eighteen days during an ice storm. But none of these are accomplishments, just experiences.

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