In Our Differences

A perfect monologue on diversity. On my morning walk I talk to, and look at, everyone I encounter. Some speak, some avoid my gaze. THIS is why I do it. I just do not have the wise words of Colleen to explain.

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Sometimes I find myself staring at…you.

In our differences I find something to look at.  To ask questions about.  To be intrigued about.

Is it rude?  To be intrigued?  To see and notice our differences?

Is it considered discrimination if I recognize that you don’t look like I do?   Or act like I do?  Or think like I do?

Should I be ashamed that because you are different than I am, I want to look, see, learn and understand.  And appreciate.

Will your skin color make me look at you?   Maybe.

Will piercings in your face make me look at you?  Maybe.

Will the shape of your eyes make me look at you?  Maybe.

Will your age make me look at you?  Maybe.

Will the people you are with make me look at you?  Maybe.

Will the clothing you wear make me look at you?  Maybe.

I don’t…

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7 thoughts on “In Our Differences

  1. Thank you Peter. When I’m walking or bike riding I do the same thing. I say “Hi” or some form of greeting and so appreciate the interactions with others. I’ve had some fabulous interactions with people because I look at them. And they are looking at me.

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  2. anie

    Indeed it is interesting to watch other people and asking oneself question about this person. I never was a good observer. Not even if I tried too, and most of the time hurrying, thoughts somewhere else. But now I take more time, and start to watch people.

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  3. Yes Peter, I read her post [I read all of her posts], she’s incredible, and her undeniable talent to convey her thoughts, in such a simplistic and understandable way is absolutely amazing, and Colleen is truly a gifted writer.

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