Skies of Tomorrow

I ask about the skies today and wonder on tomorrow

On clouds, and wings, and stranger things, to beg, to steal, to borrow

Perhaps I’m here, but maybe not, I’m sure I do not know

Just as I come, I turn around, and then proceed to go

I float away, and drift on high, in cuddly, snuggly clouds

I hover high, up in the sky, all covered in the shrouds

I look down on the fields and towns on rivers and on streams

I ponder now on what I see and wonder what it means


I am indebted,  entirely, to Ward Clever for planting these thoughts in my head, based on his lovely post which you can find at:


14 thoughts on “Skies of Tomorrow

  1. marvel

    Peter this is a wonderful, but sad poem. I have a sense of loneliness and uncertainty. The desire to see everything clearly from above. There is often the possibility to go back as you came. The question is whether you like to go back and for what you came for? These are my feelings with you poem, thank you for sharing!

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      1. marvel

        Uhh, did I already answer? Hmm, yes of course I looked at the photos, they are all different, although there is always heaven to see!

        Liked by 1 person

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