An Intelligent Form Of Illiteracy​

One of those posts when you don’t know whether to laugh, or cry. I hope you can manage a small titter at least!

Mitigating Chaos

If it wasn’t so true and sad, it would be funny.

Actually, it is funny, even though it is sad and true.

As Steve Martin would say, “This guy’s good.”

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3 thoughts on “An Intelligent Form Of Illiteracy​

  1. Isn’t it brilliant! I just sent it to a friend who had written a very funny and slightly exasperated rant on the subject on FaceBook. I was too scared to post it lest my daughters all disowned me 😆

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  2. I’ve seen a few similar posts on this subject. Are we to blame for ruining the up and coming adults? Are we far too politically correct now? Should we be telling people to get a life, and no, you can’t have compensation because your feelings have been hurt, or because you were stupid and tripped over a kerb?

    Answers, on a postcard (what’s one of those?) to Mr Trump and Mrs May!


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