A bent lady, eclipsed by wet ducks?

There was a young lady from Gwent

who found that she came as she went.

She didn’t know why,

that as she passed by,

her back was incredibly bent.


She went to the doctors to ask.

“Lost cause” he said, “Go buy a cask.

Drink plenty of sherry

until you are merry,

sit back in the sun and just bask.”


She died and was buried at noon.

Some said it was awfully soon.

Some others thought “Why,

when I look at the sky,

can I see both the sun and the moon?”


Of course, it is perfectly plain

that we often see ducks in the rain,

and the lady from Gwent,

who came as she went,

was horribly bent and insane!

21 thoughts on “A bent lady, eclipsed by wet ducks?

  1. I used to have GP like that. Never told me to buy a cask but pretty much shrugged his shoulders at anything I dared to trouble him with. Which wasn’t much given that I knew that was the response I’d get. So you could argue he was either dreadful at his job or excellent, depending on your point of view.

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  2. Anie Abraxas

    An excellent achievement, your poem, Peter!
    It appeals to me, in all the sorrows, pain and doubt, to make the one depressed, and to all the desires, the love and the faith which fight against it. The head turns off and the stomach and the heart remain and you realize that without your head your life does not work. So I let your poem simply sink in Peter, more does not work anyway.

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      1. Anie Abraxas

        ohhh, no, sorry Peter, I did not mean your word choice, but the attitude that she should get drunk …. but probably I just did not understand it …

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      1. In my case you have to get used to absolutely no intelligible cadence – I am not capable of holding a tangible rhythm of posting every day or on certain days it is as discursive as I am but if you can bear that all shall be well! Assiduously prevaricate is a superb use of language btw 🙂

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