Love hurts

Unhand me woman! Let me be.

I’m leaving now, I have to flee.

I cannot stand another day.

You’ve hurt me so, in every way.


Unhand me now! Unless you stop

then I shall fight until I drop.

Unhand me now, I say again,

I cannot tolerate the pain.


Please let me be, just let me go.

I really used to love you so!

Now you have changed, or maybe not.

Perhaps I earned just what I got.


It may have been my fault, not yours.

Perhaps you really had just cause?

If that’s the case, then please forgive,

but let me go, please let me live!


(I have been happily married to my wife for 43 years now. In that time we have never been violent to one another – maybe the odd harsh word,  but not many!!)

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