My Life #16 – Dead or Alive?

I always thought, when I was young, I wouldn’t live to forty.

My Mother said I wouldn’t do if I was always naughty!

Yet here I am, a pensioner, exceeding expectation

and, now that I’ve passed 69, I look back with elation. 


I never thought that I would be a great success in life.

I only wished to have a job, and, maybe, take a wife.

Well, some successes came along, as husband, and as Dad

and very nicely my whole life has left me rather glad.


My Mum, of course, was always right; she often told me so!

Her all surrounding love was great , it gave a warming glow.

She’s now long gone, and so has Dad, and even my big sister.

But memories they linger on, and my, how we have missed her.


So, when I wake up each new day I thank my lucky stars.

I’m happy with my wrinkles, and with my many scars.

My Mum was right. She always was, as I’ve already said,

but wait a bit! I just woke up. Well, bugger me – I’m dead!

21 thoughts on “My Life #16 – Dead or Alive?

  1. If you Peter, are penning whilst dead,
    Then wild imaginings are swimming in my head 😲

    I now wait for the big white rhinoceros,
    That will lead the charge of the army of the zombie apocalypse ! 😮

    You really do challenge my brain 💛

    😕 Just please don’t start munching on it..

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  2. I am a great-grandmother. So just waking up in the morning and looking forward to another day. makes me feel very lucky. Indeed, most of the time I still do enjoy life very much. Been married for 60 years! My husband Peter and I, we both have quite a lot of memories about our childhoods and about life during World War Two.

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