Whose Chair?

A Saturday laugh from “that little voice” In some ways not so funny!

that little voice


Sharing some humor for Saturday.

Obama, Hillary and Trump are standing at the throne of heaven. God looks
at them and says, “Before granting you a place at my side, I must ask you what you have learned, what you believe in.”

God asks Obama first: What do you believe?”
He thinks long and hard, looks God in the eye, and says, “I believe in
hard work, and in staying true to family and friends. I believe in giving.
I was lucky, but I always tried to do right by my countrymen”.
God can’t help but see the essential goodness of Obama , and offers him
a seat to his left.
Then God turns to Hillary and says, “What do you believe?”
Hillary says, “I believe passion, discipline, courage and honor are the
fundamentals of life. Like Obama I believe in hard work. I, too, have been lucky, but win…

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