Election 2016 , Guess What?

I think that we all need to accept that democracy is what we have, and, sometimes, it does not work in the the way we would have wished. This message is as valid for the UK as it is for the USA. Let’s hope that people can see beyond their hate and vitriol and help to make what we have work.

This has by far been the ugliest, most painful Presidential election that I have lived through. Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton were worthy of my vote.

I have several friends who are diehard Trump supporters and plenty of others who are diehard Clinton supporters.

Guess what? Both sides vehemently agree that they are right. My Facebook feed is littered with notes, memes and harsh words criticizing both sides. Each of my friends swears that they are right and those who disagree are morons, disappointments, evil and/or hate mongers.

Guess what? They are all wrong! We are all born with free will. We live in a country that allows free speech and free thought. While that is awesome and wonderful, it is leading to some very ugly confrontations and friendships being lost.  We all need to take a step back and remember the bottom line,  no matter if we are…

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5 thoughts on “Election 2016 , Guess What?

  1. Much to agree with there. If those of us on the left feel that bigotry and fascism are creeping in, we have to set a better example and not stoop to the same ugly behaviour as we’ve seen from some of Trump’s supporters. As someone who could probably be accused of ‘keeping arguing about it’ with regards to Brexit, I would just say though, that ‘democracy’ isn’t one fixed system: the proportion of the electorate who voted for Brexit would not have been judged the winners under other versions of democracy. And Hillary Clinton seems to have got more votes than Donald Trump, but he’s the winner – what’s that about democracy?

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    1. As I say, sometimes it doesn’t work the way we would have wished. Hillary Clinton had more of the popular vote than Donald Trump, but their system is based on College votes and that is the result that counts. What form of PR is fair? No-one seems to agree. I’m just glad that I don’t have grandchildren to worry about!

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      1. I don’t know enough about different PR systems to say which, if any, are fairer. But the very fact that there are different possible systems is, I think, one of the reasons why so many of us grumble when we’re on the losing side. And I’m not sure that’s a bad thing, because sometimes electoral reform is needed.

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