About – a bit more still

I’ve been playing about with a possible BIO that I need for a guest blog. I find that I can never find a happy medium (there’s a  joke there, I know), and I end up with too little, too much, or not the right type of, information.

See what you think, and please don’t pull any punches!


After an idyllic childhood, spent in wide-open spaces in the countryside, Peter left school in 1964 with no idea what he wanted to do. He joined the Army to give him time to think, and, after givin…

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23 thoughts on “About – a bit more still

  1. “Pull no punches.” Okay.

    Definitely too long for a bio attached to something else. What your mother thought or did or the quirky tidbits scattered like raisins in a salad don’t really belong here. Right now, it’s a photo album of your memories; it should be a snapshot of your life.

    For instance, to begin: Having left school with no plan [and no diploma, or did you graduate first?], Peter joined the army and stayed for 28 years.

    Try to be clever more concisely and less often. It’s not a stand up routine.

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    1. Sue, Thank you so much for this. Exactly the sort of steer I need. If you look at my about, and about a bit more, you’ll see how this developed. I think about 150 words is probably right, half of what it is now. As to high school graduation and diploma, UK has no such beast, although it is creeping in nowadays! Again, thanks for your advice.

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      1. Thank you for being so gracious, Peter. I think the key is that the bio, written in third person is supposed to be about you, not BY you. Although, of course, you are writing it. Does that help?

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  2. Isn’t it funny to write about yourself in third person?!? Ha! I understand why it’s done but I’ve never been comfortable with talking about myself that way! I thought it was interesting, the path you took to arrive where you are today. Not sure about the length because depending on the context, it might be perfectly fine. Certainly, it’s appropriate for your blog about page. For whomever you are guest posting may want you to trim it a little.

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    1. Peter finds it funny too! He thinks that, were his bio to be based on this example, it would need to be trimmed by 50%. Peter thanks Dr Meg for her generosity of time and word.
      ….and yes, I have had an interesting path through life. Just wait until I divulge the bit about crawling under the Queen’s bed!

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  3. I’d agree with the above comments – an interesting post, but felt too personal and “chatty” for a bio. I suppose it depends where the bio is going to be used for the tone though.

    BTW – am also a Nottingham-ite, having found my way here from Gloucester

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  4. I think all the information in your bio is fine (including the quirky tidbits) and captures you well. I know whom I’m meeting! After all, it’s for a blog, not a job application.

    But it does need pruning. You could do that simply by shortening your sentences and cutting out every word that can’t justify its existence in a sentence. Reading it aloud will help. Apply the same rigour to your prose that you do to your poetry. You can do it!
    Good luck


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