14 thoughts on “We have baby SWANS!!!

  1. Stunning photos! The first cygnets of the year are always a delight to see. We have a lot on the River Witham in Lincoln. They do keep their downy-grey/brown feathers a long time, don’t they?


      1. She must be a regular on the river for you to know that, so I imagine you’ve become very fond of her. You’ll be able to monitor the progress of the cygnets, too. That’s lovely!

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  3. Great to see them and to count them. We have been watching the Canada Geese just down the road from us on the head pond. Chicks just hatched and warm and yellow balls of fluff. Thank you for these photos. They bring back memories of Christchurch and Wells.

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    1. It’s Mum’s first brood so she is very attentive. I saw Mum and Dad teaching them a bit of independence yesterday. They kept flying off, out of sight. The cygnets immediately grouped together tightly and speeded up. Mum and Dad would then hurry back and do it all over again!

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