madness has its methods

I think this is an amazing piece of writing and deserves to be read far and wide. Here is your chance to be part of that “No talent for certainty” certainly has lots of talent!


i watched a jogger running by amid the heat of day; she seemed to be at perfect peace although i couldn’t say with any certainty, of course, she was that way for sure — but madness has …

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Because Of Love

I love this poem. It achieves so much in so few words. See what you think!

No Talent For Certainty

Because of love, I gave you what I had
And hoped that it would prove to be enough.
You said it was, and so the days grew mad
With all the quirks that come with lover’s stuff:
The roses’ thorns, the pillows with their fluff.
You still are here, through all life’s new demands —
Because of love, there’s no one understands

Why two should be together like we are –
Or where we’ve been, or how
We’ve come
So far

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