Take my advice – Or not!

I love the type of verse that almost writes itself as you walk quickly, jog, or sit on a train travelling through the countryside. This is one such example. There are so many more that travel through my mind as I go on my daily walk. They disappear quickly, having had but an ephemeral existence!


Take it or leave it

Do it or don’t

Open your heart

It will or it won’t


Ask if it hurts

and if it does, stop

take out the washing

then go to the shop


Sit down to lunch

and later to dinner

are you a loser

or are you a winner


Think about children

and parents and friends

Are they in danger?

I hope that it ends


Take a deep breath

then take yet one more

open the windows

and shut the front door


Does this make sense

what’s that you mutter

you think I’m a plonker

an absolute nutter!




6 thoughts on “Take my advice – Or not!

  1. ..sometimes I have things run round inside me like this…but rarely do they rhyme or even have any movement…certainly no pentameter…this was rather good…I liked it..sometimes off the cuff is better than well thought out…Katie.

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  2. Yes, I can relate to this. I walk several miles every morning and often make up rhymes as I go – or sometimes just phrases that some of my characters might say. Unfortunately, I don’t often have a notebook with me – the first rule for any self-respecting writer! (I’m therefore obviously not self-respecting.)

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