Week 12 Limerick challenge – Prompt “Free flowing”

sore thumb

It’s time for the last Limerick challenge of the year and this week I have free rein.  As there are so many sales on at the moment I thought it only right to offer BOGOF, in fact you are getting 2 free! Here they are.


Free flowing #1


The limerick challenge’s a great thing to do

We love it dear Rashmi, it’s all thanks to you

It’s perfectly clear

that during the year

the entries got better and just grew and grew


Free flowing #2


As 2015 comes to end

the New Year is just round the bend

Please all join with me

in thanking Rashmi

for all limericks that were penned


…..and for a bonus here’s one based on a true story of lunch making today! Mum, in this case will have to be my good lady wife!


Free flowing #3


It’s really a bit of a bum

I sliced off the top of my thumb

Many oaths did I mutter

whilst spreading the butter

I now need a cuddle from Mum



6 thoughts on “Week 12 Limerick challenge – Prompt “Free flowing”

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