Limerick Challenge Week 7 – Prompt “Gratitude”



Here we are again, and it’s week 7 of the Limerick challenge. If you haven’t had a go yet now is the time to do it!

Here’s my attempt for this week.



I can’t understand your attitude

you ought to be showing gratitude

I went out of my way

to ask you to stay

you replied with a stupid platitude!





WOW is a wonderful, wonderful word.

Forwards or backwards it’s quite absurd

how it brightens the day whenever it’s heard.

WOW is a wonderful word.


It shows delight, it expresses glee,

its worth is enormous, but completely free.

It means so very much to me.

WOW is a wonderful word.


Just try starting the day by saying WOW.

In fact try saying it here and now.

You’ll very soon see just why and how

WOW is a wonderful word.



© petermatthews 2015

Limerick Poetry Challenge Week 5

This week’s limerick challenge sets the word BREEZE. What a lovely word with lots of interesting rhymes. Here’s my take on it.

For non UK readers I must point out that “The House” is a reference to The Houses of Parliament!

I admit, quite freely, with ease
my government job is a breeze
I sit in The House
alongside my spouse
then go home to count all the fees



As I grow old and time goes by
I sometimes pause to wonder why
That those less fortunate than I
Died young

They lie, now peacefully, at rest
But which of them could e’er have guessed
How their lives so full of zest
Should end

They rest together row on row
But how could we expect to know
What sacrifice against the foe
They made

We thank you Lord for those who died
We that live can now decide
To live in peace with you beside
Us all

© petermatthews2015

I wonder


There are so many wonders I wonder where to start
Some are felt within the head and others in the heart
Some you see and some you feel, others you can smell
Some you taste, you touch, or see, and some you hear as well
I look up to the sky at night and see a billion stars
I dream a dream and wonder what life is like on Mars

Take me


Take me for a soldier
let me join the strife
let me fight the enemy
but please don’t tell my wife
She thinks I’ve been conscripted
she thinks I have to go
please don’t tell her otherwise
she doesn’t need to know

Take me to the battle
with bayonet and gun
to fight for King and country
and so defeat the Hun
and if I should be injured
or even worse should die
please ensure my lovely wife
shall never hear the lie

Limerick Challenge – Spooky


This week’s prompt in the MindandLifeMatters Limerick challenge is “Spooky”. The rules allow a synonym to be used so this week I’m using the word “Mysterious”

Just for a while to be serious
I find Halloween most mysterious
The ghosties and ghouls
don’t play by the rules
and I end up by feeling delirious

Why not have a go yourself?