Bliss #2


I decided that my couple had moved on a little since we first saw them.
My limerick has to be updated to:

There once was an errant young miss
who said to her beau “this is bliss!”
in the heat of the day
they got carried away
and sealed their love with a kiss.


Happy 40th birthday on World Poetry Day 2015

Today my daughter’s forty

However can that be?

for I am only thirty six

it’s plain as day to see

I well remember yesterday

when she was newly born

I was queuing at the registry

just shortly after dawn

The registrar said “are you sure

that she was born today?”

“Just get it written down”, I said

and then I dashed away

So, my little Gibraltarian

has really reached two score

her Mum and I are proud of her

and love her more and more

We wish her Happy Birthday

with many more to come

with happy, healthy years ahead

with love from Dad and Mum.