My inheritance

I love a good sentence, they’re always a joy

it’s something I learned from my dad as a boy

he left school at 14 as people did then

but always was good with a paper and pen

he used to write poems and now, so do I

they’re not very good but I do like to try

in fact, if you wait just a moment or two

I’ll write one right now especially for you

No, don’t go away, just tarry awhile

I’ll jot down a verse with a guaranteed smile

Just switch off your phone and turn up your ears

put worries aside and forget all your fears

now listen to you, switch off all the rest

listen to feelings deep down in your breast

listen to smells of the world on your skin

listen to air as you’re breathing it in

listen to images deep in your brain

listen to comfort, forget all the pain

listen to sights of places you’ve known

listen to loved ones although you’re alone

Now switch on the world and turn up the gain

listen to colours and listen to rain

talk to the birds and sing with the flowers

walk on the wind for hours and hours

hear what the horses and cows have to say

don’t interrupt when the grass wants to play

Whatever you’re doing do it with glee

smell, taste, and listen to all that you see

Now, wasn’t that worth it, are you not glad

that I inherited paper and pen from my Dad


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